Unique Ways to Customize Your Conference Table

Conference tables provide a way for multiple people to meet and share ideas. If you’re using conference rooms a lot, having tables suitable for business needs can help increase productivity.

Learn how you can customize conference tables to provide a better environment for workers with these three tips.

1. Choose a Unique Shape

A well-designed conference room encourages workers to be productive and actively pay attention during meetings. A significant piece of furniture in the room is the conference table. Workers need a reliable table to convene around during meetings and presentations. Conference tables come in many shapes and styles to accommodate your needs, such as:

  • U-shape: If you want a more stylish option, U-shape conference tables are an excellent choice. This table arrangement can help presenters make the meetings, presentations or training sessions more interactive. The shape also makes it easier to pass out papers or other materials.
  • V-shape: A V-shape conference table is an excellent choice when more employees need to attend meetings. They are similar to U-shape tables, with one end of two tables not touching. However, the center space is more narrow.
  • Hollow square: A hollow square conference table mimics the look of a closed U-shape table. The hollow square style is helpful for interactive meetings with breakout sessions, workshops and more.
  • Circular: You can convey a sense of equality by having a circular conference table. The table’s curved edge helps each person sitting at it have an equal or similar amount of space.

2. Get a Modular Table

If you need an adjustable table to meet your needs, consider getting a modular table. Modular conference tables have several reconfigurable sections that fold or move, providing versatile functionality. A modular table is the best choice when you need tables that can adjust to meeting sizes, agendas and more.

3. Incorporate Form and Function

With today’s evolving technology and innovation, you can have conference tables custom-made to be as functional as possible. Incorporate power outlets, computer monitors, television cables and more into your new conference table. A table equipped with technology can help streamline meetings, presentations and other gatherings.

Create Your Ideal Custom Conference Table

Are you in the market for a new, stylish and advanced conference table? Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers can work with you to create a specially made product that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn about our custom-built conference tables.