X Uses for Wooden Trestle Tables

The Top 9 Uses for Wooden Trestle Tables

Are you wondering if a trestle table is suitable for your home, office or commercial space? Modern trestle tables come in many styles to suit any interior design aesthetic. Learn what a trestle table is and some of its uses and benefits below.

What Is a Trestle Table?

A trestle table is a traditional table style that dates back to the Middle Ages. A trestle table features a tabletop situated on top of two support trestles. A trestle comprises two durable iron or wood beams that criss-cross to form triangles. A lateral supporting beam called the stretcher connects the two support trestles beneath the tabletop.

Early woodworkers fashioned trestle tables by situating simple wooden boards on top of two iron or wood trestles. Their simplicity and stability have made them famous for many purposes.

What Is a Trestle Table Used for?

Since the trestle table is simple and stable in design, it’s excellent for many uses, from residential to commercial. Nine of the most common uses for trestle tables include:

  1. Dinners
  2. Picnics
  3. Banquets
  4. Buffets
  5. Arts and crafts
  6. Business meetings
  7. Gift tables
  8. Dining room tables
  9. Conference tables

The Benefits of a Trestle Table

While trestle tables date back to the Middle Ages, they are by no means outdated. Trestle tables are still household and office staples because they’re spacious, stable and versatile.

Learn more about the benefits that make trestle tables a popular choice below:

  • Space: Trestle tables don’t have traditional corner table legs. More people can comfortably fit around the table without interference from cumbersome table legs.
  • Stability: The broad, double-trestle table base makes the trestle table tip-proof. It’s safe to dine with delicate Chinaware or place fragile technology and delicate project models on a trestle table.
  • Versatility: Trestle tables come in many design styles, from traditional to contemporary. Mission and Arts and Crafts style trestle tables are popular, but you can order custom trestle tables that complement your furniture style.
  • Functionality: Trestle tables suit various seating types because they lack space-eating corner legs. Trestle tables accommodate wheelchairs, spindle-back chairs, stools, swivel chairs and long benches.
  • Durability: We build trestle tables from high-quality, durable and lasting materials like wood and steel. They last for decades with regular upkeep, allowing you to repurpose them or pass them down as heirlooms to your family.

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