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Are you looking to make your boardroom stand out with a signature piece of furniture? You might consider wood veneer conference room tables. Introducing a signature boardroom table to your office will enhance any meeting space. A veneer conference table is a necessity for any workplace environment that requires frequent meetings, and yours might as well make a statement. Wood veneer furniture can feature custom designs that aren’t possible with solid wood. Veneer tabletops can also showcase hard-to-get woods and complex patterns that are impossible to apply to solid wood furniture.

At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we pride ourselves in handcrafting elegant and timeless veneer boardroom tables for any space. Let’s explore wood veneers and reasons to add a wood veneer table to your boardroom.

What to Know About Wood Veneer Tables


A veneer is a thin layer of wood or other material bonded to a core material to create a decorative surface. Veneer tables come in various styles and designs, offering the aesthetic appeal designs that solid wood tables can not accomplish.

Wood veneers boast a rich history dating as far back as ancient Egypt, where they adorned the coffins of royalty. Appreciated for their knack for effectively utilizing scarce wood resources and crafting intricate designs with premium woods, veneers have remained a cherished choice among artisans and enthusiasts across the globe for more than 3,500 years.


Exotic wood veneer table paired with a sturdy base of either metal or laminate. Custom conference table with many options.
Custom square office table made with wood and a black base from Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers.
veneer table
black dark wood board room table

The Benefits of Buying a Veneer Conference Table

A boardroom is where decision-makers gather to discuss ideas and solve problems. Such a space requires a roomy enough table to accommodate all board members that’s sturdy enough to last. A large veneer boardroom table can suit your space and durability requirements while adding style and a sense of authority to the room. Here are more benefits of choosing a veneer conference or boardroom conference table for your company.

1. Get a Unique and Custom Wood Veneer Tabletop

What is a veneer tabletop? Every wood veneer table sheet is inherently unique because the grain patterns are never the same between two trees. The way a woodworker applies the veneer can also have an artistic touch. For example, a woodworker can cut the veneer into specific shapes and arrange the pieces in an interesting pattern on a tabletop, creating a truly original table. If you want, you could add solid wood to the table’s edges and make a veneer pattern the focal point.

A woodworker can also form a table’s shape according to your vision, whether you dream of an organic build that looks taken directly from the forest or need a configuration that fits into a room’s unconventional layout.

Overall, you can have a boardroom conference table that impresses clients and exudes professionalism if you choose wood veneers. A table customized to suit your company’s image can also help board members feel inspired and get into a productive mood.

2. Hide Cables Easily

If you’re worried your boardroom will look like a cable jungle, speak to your woodworker. A woodworker can install lidded wells and grommets into a wood veneer tabletop, allowing you to keep cables organized and out of sight. A custom tabletop solution also makes it easier for board members to access power outlets and USB ports, so no one has to crawl under the table. With wood veneers, you can design a boardroom table that meets your company’s tech needs and makes a more efficient workspace.

3. Match Other Office Furniture Effortlessly

With its warm, neutral color, a wood veneer table coordinates beautifully with other furniture pieces. That means you won’t have to buy all-new office furniture to match your boardroom table, and you can create a cohesive look no matter what you have on hand. For example, you can pair a veneer boardroom conference table with dark leather chairs from your office and create a sophisticated, polished look. Or, you might add colorful artwork to the boardroom, and you won’t have to worry about it clashing with your wood veneer table. 

4. Suit Any Decor Style

Does your office have a modern, industrial look? Or has your company gone for a more residential feel? No matter your decor style, you can expect a wood veneer boardroom table to add warmth and a touch of nature to your office space. For example, a straight-grained oak veneer boardroom table adds a clean wood element to a light-filled contemporary space, sure to wow clients.

5. Be Eco-Friendly

Opting for wood veneers for a boardroom conference table is an environmentally conscious choice due to their reduced wastage. Unlike solid wood, veneers are sliced rather than sawed, minimizing the production of excess sawdust or unused materials. Additionally, like other wood products, veneers are recyclable and sustainably sourced.

6. Have a Sturdy Tabletop Veneer Made to Last

One of the greatest benefits of a wood veneer table is its durability. Veneer tables are unaffected by seasonal wood movement, so you can expect the table to remain stable even if it’s humid or dry outside. Since you won’t have to worry about a veneer expanding or contracting with the weather, it’s also less prone to splitting like solid wood. And, you’ll still get to use the natural beauty and character of wood furniture. 

Veneer Conference Table Designs

We can craft wooden veneer conference tables in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Conference table legs come in a wide range or styles, too. We have guides on materials and finishes to help you choose from over 1000 styles and combinations, creating a truly one-of-a-kind fixture for your office.

Our wooden veneer conference tables styles include:

Exotic veneer table

Flying V conference table

Solid edge round table

Tapered conference table

Walnut veneer conference table

Wood veneer conference table

Selecting the perfect shape for your conference table is a unique — and perhaps overwhelming  — decision. We have also created a conference table shapes and sizes guide to help you make the right choice for your space. 

How to Order a Veneer Conference Table

We take all the stress out of ordering custom furniture. Ordering a veneer conference room table is a simple process. It’s as simple as scheduling a call with Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers. Working closely with you, we can handcraft a live edge conference table that’s completely customized to your specific needs. Here’s how it works:

We’ll find out what you’re looking for. Greg will have a conversation with you to find out what you need. Do you have a specific wood in mind? Will the table need power and media access points? How large is the room where you’re planning to place the table, and how many people should it comfortably seat?

We’ll price your table according to your specifications. We’ll deliver fair pricing, and once you pay a deposit, we’ll provide a drawing of your custom live edge table and samples of the materials we’ll use.

We’ll deliver your table safely and ready for use. Whether you’re near our central PA woodworking shop or you live elsewhere in the country, we’ll ready your furniture for use and see that it reaches you safely via white-glove delivery services.

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Since wood veneers are so versatile, there are endless possible designs for a stunning tabletop. With an office boardroom table, you’ll have a conversation starter you can use time after time.

At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we proudly use wood veneers to build attractive boardroom tables, conference tables and matching furniture. Whether you need an executive boardroom table with tech access points or coordinating furnishings placed throughout your office, we’re ready to help. We can source beautiful veneers and handcraft them to your precise needs. 

To learn more about our process or how to take care of the wood veneers we source, feel free to call us at 484-712-5178 or contact us online.