How Custom Furniture Improves Decision-Making

To have a productive workforce, you must have a workspace that allows people to concentrate. Your conference room is where you make some of your most important decisions, and a custom conference table can make all the difference in your company meetings.

For results-based collaboration, the table in your boardroom should reflect the work you need to get done. We know the best ways a custom conference table can help you in the future.

5 Ways Custom Conference Tables Help You Make Decisions

The layout of your boardroom can transform with a quality conference table. Your employees will be more likely to take meetings seriously if you have a room that says, “Let’s make it happen.”

Your conference table can be just as unique as your company. With a table built for your productivity, you can make choices with ease. Here are five ways different conference tables can improve your decision-making:

  1. Collaboration: There is a reason company meetings are sometimes called “roundtables.” A circular table can reinforce the importance of exchanging ideas with everyone. Your team can work together on decisions with a table built for discussion.
  2. Call and response: Rectangle or boat-shaped tables establish the front and back of a boardroom. If you are looking for feedback, you can stand at the forefront with a rectangular table. Because everyone can see you and you can see everyone, you can better gauge your employees’ responses.
  3. Tactile samples: One of the best parts of U or V-shaped tables is that it’s great for handing something out to your audience. If your business makes products, for example, you can get feedback on prototypes by passing them around. The conversation can flow easier because your table allows for it.
  4. Connectivity: If your table has A/V outlets or USB ports, your employees can research or take notes on their devices during a strategizing session. Accurate, quality input from everyone can make your decisions stronger.
  5. Videoconferencing: Your table’s custom design can factor in videoconferencing if your team needs to meet with remote workers or guests. Providing adequate space for these sessions is step one in effective decision-making.


When you make a custom table for your boardroom, you are optimizing your space for actual results. Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers can show you the six easy steps we take to make your meeting room the best it can be.

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