What Is Ancillary Furniture?

What Is the Meaning of Ancillary Furniture?

If you’re looking for a way to invite a casual feel into your office, ancillary office furniture is a viable option. People who work in the office for even a few days a week have different needs than they did in years past. Many individuals want an inviting workspace that provides flexibility and movement. Ancillary furniture is the answer you’ve been looking for.

What Is Ancillary Furniture?

Ancillary furniture is informal seating and furniture that accommodate various postures, ranging from lounging to standing. It is often used for non-standard office spaces, like lobbies, collaborative stations, patios or work cafes.

Several ancillary furniture types exist under this category, including:

  • Benches, sofas, lounge chairs and side chairs.
  • Lighting.
  • Moveable ottomans.
  • Bistro and coffee tables.
  • Media tables.

While the furniture is more informal or casual, it also has a function. It is meant to simulate productivity and collaboration without feeling stifling or cookie-cutter. Ancillary furniture provides flexibility, enhancing your office space.

Benefits of Having Ancillary Furniture in Your Office

Ancillary furniture offers several benefits for offices and other workspaces. Advantages of using casual furniture in your work environment include:

  • Adding a casual, home-like feel: Many workers are more accustomed to working in more comfortable spaces, like their home office or a local coffee shop. You can mimic the atmosphere and vibe of places like those with casual furniture to create an informal workspace.
  • Creating community: Informal ancillary furniture and other features can help foster spontaneous creativity and collaboration. When employees feel like they are bouncing ideas off each other over a cup of coffee or in a relaxed environment, they may feel more inclined to continue until their best ideas are brought forth.
  • Appealing to many demographics: Today’s workforce is multigenerational, from Generation X to Gen Z. With so many different workers in your anciallary space, you need to design areas that can accommodate these demographics.

Informal furniture unlocks a new mode for working in an ancillary office space. Employees will retain their desks and other standard workspaces while having access to additional areas designed for a change of pace, collaboration and dynamic needs.

Get Customized Ancillary Furniture From Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we handcraft furniture for commercial and hospitality spaces using high-quality materials. Our craftspeople can help you bring a residential and casual feel into your workspace  and ancillary room with custom ancillary furniture. We make everything from credenzas to seating, side tables, coffee tables and beyond.

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