What is Contract Furniture?

What Is Contract Grade Furniture?

Public spaces need furniture with strong, high-quality construction. When furnishing a commercial location, contract furniture’s durable designs can help you save money over time and maintain an ideal appearance. Learn about the impressive factors of contract furniture for your business.

Contract Furniture Definition and Meaning

In the commercial world, contract furniture is designed and manufactured for public and high-use settings such as lobbies, waiting rooms and offices. These tables and seating options must accommodate use by hundreds of people.

To accomplish high-performance designs, a professional usually helps create custom pieces intended to serve the function of the commercial space best. Typically, businesses aim to get the most use from their allotted square footage with a high number of durable table surfaces and chairs.

Different Factors of Contract-Grade Furniture

Residential and commercial furniture differ in materials, design and construction. While homeowners may prioritize comfort and style, business owners must ensure high-traffic areas look impeccable to leave a good first impression and retain loyal clients and customers. When choosing seating options for public spaces, these factors play a significant role:

  • Foam: Today, many businesses design their reception or lounge area with upholstered chairs, love seats, sofas, ottomans and sectionals. These solutions provide a luxurious or relaxed environment. While feather or down wrap is common for home furniture,  these seats may contain foam of up to 3 pounds in density to hold its shape.
  • Fabrics: The heavy-duty material of commercial seating should include protective qualities like stain resistance and anti-microbial properties. A minimal design helps the furniture maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance. For example, most seats in lobbies or waiting areas have no tufts, skirts, buttons or exposed wood details for fewer repairs and less maintenance over time.
  • Framing and dimension: Most commercial furniture requires hardwood or steel construction to withstand minimum weight requirements. These options average a taller seat height of around 17 to 19 inches instead of the residential 14 to 16 inches for an easier way to stand or sit for those with limited mobility. Seat depth ranges from around 20 to 24 inches to make the most out of space, while home seating may reach about 28 inches for napping or lounging comfortably.

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