What Makes a Great Conference Room?

What Makes a Great Conference Room?

A business’s conference room can serve many purposes for employees or clients, such as providing space for interviews, negotiations, reviews, presentations, brainstorming sessions or team-building activities. Ensure the furniture and other factors you choose for this room set you up for success.

5 Essential Factors of a Productive Conference Room

Each element in a conference environment contributes to whether the space matches your brand’s aesthetic and looks professional. Whether you want the room to enhance productivity, promote collaboration or clarify your business’s hierarchy, use this checklist to create the best gathering space for your conference space.

1. Conference Table

As the centerpiece of a room, the table you choose can help you make an excellent first impression. The shape and size should fill a considerable amount of the area with enough space for chairs and a walking zone. Ensure the table gives employees or clients enough room for a laptop, notebook and coffee, but keep the top surface clean for a tidy appearance.

2. Professional Seating

Whether a conference lasts for 15 minutes or eight hours, seating plays an important role in the room. A leather chair with armrests and wheels offers a top-quality option. Provide attendees with comfortable seating to focus on the meeting’s subject matter while leaning back or swiveling for a better view of a speaker, dry-erase board or presentation screen.

3. Fast and Reliable Equipment

Meetings may require technology for research, taking digital notes, evaluating reports or giving a presentation. A dedicated space for these tasks can include outlets integrated into a table. Allowing attendees to keep their laptops charged at all times boosts productivity, and incorporating the outlets into the desk improves cord management.  Learn more about leveling up your conference room today!

4. Organized Storage Solutions

Many office gatherings include beverages and snacks for guests. A slim storage piece, like a credenza, can easily fit along a conference room wall as a mini butler’s pantry for quick access to napkins and serving ware. You can also organize other office supplies and equipment you often use during meetings.

5. Decorations Reflecting Your Brand

A conference room’s decor can include figurines, lighting, wall colors and wall art. Additionally, some artistic customizations can emblazon your company name on furniture for a decorative finishing touch. Choose whether you’d like to create a traditional, chic or contemporary theme and select a color palette matching your brand’s logo for a cohesive theme.

Customize the Perfect Conference Furniture

If you’re putting a conference room together or want to refresh your current space, choose high-quality furniture from Greg Piloti Furniture Makers. We offer customization on handcrafted tables, seating and storage. Download our product tearsheets. To get started, request a free quote¬†today!