How Your Conference Table Speaks for Your Business

You’ve put the work into making your business a reflection of you. The interior design of your office can say even more with a dominant centerpiece.

A custom conference table is more than a surface for your employees’ notebooks and laptops. A business table can speak volumes about your company’s values through its design, shape and added capabilities. When your meeting room reflects your company culture, it can help you and your staff to be more productive as well.

What Your Conference Table Says About Your Business

Your company’s mission statement can increase employee results. This works wonders when your business has clearly stated goals and values. As the centerpiece of your communal meeting room, your conference table shows your business’s philosophy.

Whether you are designing a room for 15 people or 50, you can say a lot about your company with a quality conference table. Here’s what certain conference table styles and features can say about your business:

  • Technology-enabled design: A table with HDMI or power outlets, charging ports or ethernet cables tells your employees that you are forward-thinking. Optimizing your table’s design with technology shows that you value convenience and connectivity.
  • Rectangle shape: Classic conference meetings use rectangular tables because they allow one person to present or lead the discussion. This table can tell your employees or clients that you appreciate productivity and attention.
  • Flying V shape: These statement pieces are mighty additions to a motivated workroom. You can lead meetings, host small group discussions and collaborate with the large surface area on this table.
  • Circle shape: A hallmark of large-group teamwork, circle conference tables encourage everyone to speak up. Your business might prefer this table if you value a steady exchange of ideas between employees.


Your business has a unique service and style, so your furniture should reflect the same. Many factors influence what kind of conference table you choose, and our custom office furniture makers can build what suits you best.

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A conference table is a visual reminder to your employees, guests and clients that you want to hear their ideas. No matter what style you like the most, you can use a custom conference table to convey the values your company considers most important.

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