What Your Reception Desk Says About Your Company

A reception desk design welcomes visitors and employees from the moment they enter the front door. Invest in a custom-made reception desk for a memorable, functional statement piece.

What Your Reception Desk Says About Your Company

Each first impression should reflect your brand’s message and create a “wow” factor. Fulfill your reception desk requirements and plan how you’d like customers, guests and employees to feel with some of these intentional choices:

  • Friendly: Offer water or sodas upon entrance from a mini-fridge stored at the reception desk.
  • Self-sufficient: Incorporate a self-serve refreshment station at the front table with coffee, water or a bowl of sweets.
  • Clean: Keep the front desk free of marks or scrapes, and add a bottle of hand sanitizer for germ-free visits.
  • Organized: Appear organized by storing items needed for a receptionist desk in built-in storage and keeping surfaces clutter-free.
  • Productive: Encourage productivity with a container holding reading materials such as industry-related magazines and company-related information for people to read while waiting in the lobby.
  • Accommodating: Include accommodating features such as electronic charging stations for phones at the desk.
  • Professional: Place functional items like a computer, printer, phone, mail and other paper in organized locations or built-in desk nooks.
  • Proud: Display awards and plaques in decorative spots or clear cases with built-in spotlights.

How to Pick The Best Reception Desk For Your Company

Custom-made reception desks help reflect your company’s brand. Create the perfect furniture piece with these personalized features:

  • Material: Choose an impressive material, like a Marble Top Reception Desk, or select from other options like custom wood, steel, quartz and laminate.
  • Size and shape: Create the preferred desk height, length and shape based on your lobby’s dimensions and door entrance location.
  • Engravings: Decorate a Wood and Steel Reception Desk with engravings or cutouts of your company’s logo.
  • Configured storage: Optimize built-in storage with drawers, cabinets and nooks for organized and functional spaces.
  • Integrated power: Provide power with outlets at a Custom Terrace Reception Desk for plugging in computers, printers and phones.

Customize Your Reception Desk Today

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