Why You Should Buy a Custom Conference Table for Your Business

Why You Should Buy a Custom Conference Table for Your Business

When you picture a typical office, what usually pops into your head? Most people envision desks, phones, computers, watercooler chat and meetings.

Meetings have long been central to doing business. A fixture of those gatherings is the conference table, where people make critical decisions.

Conference rooms give companies a place where their employees can meet, brainstorm and present ideas without interruption. There’s a reason they remain a focal point of many offices, even after a massive shift toward digital.

What Are Custom Conference Tables?

Custom furniture gives you the freedom to take control of the design and unlock possibilities that bring your ideas to life. Elements like the design, finish and materials used harmonize to create a unique product.

Often, companies will design a table’s shape based on their unique needs. The room’s shape and size are significant factors, since some shapes can create favorable psychological benefits for a company.

For example, a U-shaped table is better for presentations and demonstrations, while oval shapes help group creativity. If you’re looking for more collaboration or a relaxed vibe during meetings, a circular table is perfect!

Custom conference tables for businesses are a direct representation of your company and its values. Here are some of the top benefits of conferences tables for your business.

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The Benefits of Conference Tables

Once upon a time, conference tables played a less pivotal role because most client meetings happened at a separate location such as a hotel, but those days have long since passed. Now, people almost exclusively meet at conference rooms, making your office conference table’s appearance more critical than ever. Consider these advantages of having a table for your office.

1. Give a Great First Impression

Conference rooms give everyone a chance to work together and create a connected culture, even if they’re interacting over a video call. These versatile rooms are ideal for creating team focus and making decisions to move the company forward. They’re also excellent at communicating your company’s values and culture.

We all know you don’t get a second chance at making a first impression, so crafting a successful meeting starts with your office’s appearance. While most conference rooms tend to look the same, a custom conference table is your chance to stand out. It will represent your business better than any brochure.

2. Help Improve Productivity

We know the idea of designing and creating custom furniture can seem overwhelming, but conference tables are vital in making meetings run smoothly and productively. Custom tables not only look captivating, but they can also help you make better decisions with employees and clients.

Having a workspace where your team can concentrate on making decisions is crucial for productivity. An on-demand think tank in your office for your team provides ample space for project updates and brainstorming sessions.

A conference room with a high-quality table is crucial to supporting a future that relies heavily on videoconferencing. For example, remotely interviewing potential new hires will save you time and money, since you no longer have to physically meet with candidates to learn 80% aren’t good fits.

3. Different Shapes for Various Goals

A boardroom table’s size and shape bring your company an array of benefits. The psychology behind these shapes is well-documented, and choosing the right piece comes down to what a company values in meetings.

Rectangular tables foster decision-making in crunch time, since they promote feedback and collaboration. Meanwhile, small businesses like financial planners or law firms may prefer a circular table to put their clients at ease.

Different Shapes for Various Goals

The secret to choosing a table shape is the room size and how you want meeting dynamics to look. Choose a piece that fits your team while displaying the correct values for your company.

Selecting a conference table is a grossly underrated and overlooked business decision. Keep reading to determine whether your company could benefit from a new custom conference table.

Should You Buy a Conference Table?

Businesses across multiple industries rely on conference tables, including:

  • Hotels
  • Colleges
  • Law offices
  • Accounting firms
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Information technology providers


Each has similar reasons for needing these tables, but they may use them to fulfill different requirements. For example, a college library could have multiple long tables where students can gather to collaborate on group projects and assignments.

Law offices may need gathering places where employees can discuss various cases or meet with potential clients. A nonprofit may rely on a conference room to host regular board or budgeting meetings.

Choosing Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

Investing in your company’s success means committing to high-quality equipment that enables your employees to achieve their goals. A business can’t thrive without a gathering place to concentrate and make critical decisions.

Greg Pilotti Furniture is an American furniture company committed to providing affordable, high-end products for your company. Let us provide your craftsman-made hospitality, commercial and residential furniture and cabinetry.

When selecting a table, your decision should be holistic, where you consider all aspects of your business before deciding on a type and material. A balance between aesthetics and functionality is crucial for achieving the best possible table.

Your staff should feel comfortable around this piece of furniture, and it should represent your company’s values well. Consider how many people you’ll need to sit in a conference room. Usually, a six-foot table can comfortably seat six people.


Different Shapes for Various Goals

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