Wood Conference Table Options

wood conference table options

Office environments are shifting in the U.S. from more traditional, sometimes drab surroundings to newer residential-feeling, fresh workspaces. One way to achieve the more current look you want in your office is adding stunning office furniture. With Americans spend a third to half of their work time in meetings, so it’s time to shift the focus to conference rooms that need an updated atmosphere.

Whether employees spend hours a week in meetings or gather around the conference room table for brainstorming sessions, introducing a new conference table as the focal point in the room can enhance employee morale and modernize the office environment. Finding the perfect size and style for your specific business may be challenging. Choose a custom conference table to find what you are looking for.

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100% Custom Conference Tables

No matter what you have in mind, expert custom furniture makers can help bring your vision to life with a custom conference table. Maybe you need one new table or perhaps you want to order 70 custom conference tables for multiple business locations. You can do either when you buy tables made to order.

When you choose custom furniture, you select a conference table designed to meet your specific business needs. By adding a new custom conference table into an office space, you improve aesthetics and design, and enhance worker productivity, introducing a new space for people to gather and showcasing company culture. Going custom also creates an experience unmatched in customer focus, transparency and versatility. Here are three more reasons people prefer custom tables.

More Focus on the Customer

From start to finish, professional furniture makers emphasize customer service while designing your custom conference table. After these experts connect with customers inquiring about custom pieces, they create a proposal that goes over the customer’s:

  • Furniture choices
  • Contract
  • Role in the buying and making processes

The proposal also includes lead time, wood finishes, size and shipping options, and furniture production starts after customers approve the plan. With our custom furniture, Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers’ in-house team manages your project from the initial sale to the on-time delivery or shipping and offers customers any help along the way with our industry expertise.

Greater Transparency

greater transparency

Customer service and transparency go hand-in-hand when it comes to creating custom conference tables. After clients approve the proposal and send in a deposit, an expert team of custom furniture makers creates sketches, shop drawings and 3D renderings for each table. Experts send these over to clients to review and authorize before moving forward with final specifications.

Then, these experts send customers samples of different colored wood and material that match the finished conference table’s specs. After customers approve both the drawings and samples, the professionals start on the production process. We even use a Kanban scheduling system in the office to keep track of your project through each step in the process for maximum transparency every part of the way.

Better Veratility

With custom furniture, you do not have to make any sacrifices. Clients can personalize their conference table how they wish with things like logos and branding or even power and data.

For example, expert furniture makers run wires through the bases of custom conference tables and can merge power and data into your conference table, which can improve meetings and productivity. Clients can get what they need when they purchase a custom conference table, with numerous options to choose from.

Conference Table Options

If the office has had the same traditional conference room table for years and needs a new addition or you’re putting one in a brand-new building, choose from endless options for a custom conference table. Worried about a table not accommodating enough people or fitting in the office? Pick the exact dimensions you need when you buy a custom-built table.

Make a selection from different shapes for the ideal meeting layout and from various materials, including different types of wood, for the perfect natural wood conference table. Explore size, material and shape options before you start the order process for a new custom conference table.


conference table sizes

One of the most significant benefits of a custom conference table is choosing a size that works for you. Whether your conference room is spacious with plenty of room for the table or in slightly cramped quarters — which will require precise measurements for the absolute best fit — start here for some general table size outlines. These sizes are in our conference table size guide and are outlined specifically for conference rooms for up to 10, 20 or 30 people.

Don’t forget — if these sizes don’t seem to work for you, we can work with you to produce any size table you need. We can make small, medium or large custom conference tables, or anything in between. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your table will fit.


For Small Conference Rooms With 10 or Fewer People

Not all conference meetings include everyone in the office. Consider the following for meetings of four to 10 people:

  • For four seats around the table, consider a 36-by-60-inch rectangle table, a 42-by-60-inch boat-shaped table, a 42-by-42-inch square table, or a round table with a 48-inch diameter
  • For six seats, try a 36-by-72-inch rectangle table, a 42-by-72-inch boat-shaped table, a 48-by-60-inch almost-square or a round table with a 72-inch diameter
  • For eight seats, aim for a 48-by-96-inch rectangle table, a 54-by-96-inch boat-shaped table, a square table that’s 64-by-64 inches, or a round table with a 96-inch diameter
  • For 10 seats, consider a 48-by-144-inch rectangle, a 54-by-144-inch boat-shaped table, a 64-by-96-inch rectangle or a round table with a 144-inch diameter


For Medium-Sized Conference Rooms With 20 or Fewer People

Need to up the seat count a bit? For those conference meetings that are typically more than 10 people but may not break 20, consider the following table sizes:

  • For 12 seats to 14 seats, try rectangular tables that are 48 inches wide by 168 to 192 inches long, boat-shaped tables that are 54 inches wide by 168 to 192 inches long, square tables that are 96 to 128 inches by 96 to 128 inches, or round tables with a 144-inch to 168-inch diameter
  • For 16 seats to 18 seats, aim for rectangles that are 54 inches wide by 216 to 240 inches long, boats that are 72 inches wide by 216 to 240 inches long, squares that are 128 inches by 128 inches, or round tables with a 192-inch to 216-inch diameter
  • For 20 seats, consider a 60-by-264 inch rectangle table, a 72-by-264 inch boat, a 160-by-160 inch square table or a round table with a 240-inch diameter


For Large Conference Rooms With up to 30 People or More

If you have a large office and include more than 20 employees in your meetings regularly, you need a table big enough to accommodate everyone. In addition to being communal table manufacturers, we create many other types of large tables that will look amazing in your space. Consider the following when planning for a table upgrade, and don’t forget we can customize table measurements to fit your needs:

  • For 22 seats to 24 seats, try rectangular tables that are 60 inches wide by 264 to 288 inches long, boats that are 84 inches wide by 288 to 312 inches long, squares that are 192 inches by 192 inches or round tables with a 264-inch to 288-inch diameter
  • For 26 seats to 28 seats, aim for rectangles that are 60 to 66 inches wide by 336 to 360 inches long, boats that are 96 inches wide by 336 to 360 inches long, square tables that are 224 inches wide by 224 inches long or round tables with a 312-inch to 336-inch diameter
  • For 30 or more seats, start with a 72-inch by 384-inch rectangle table, a 96-inch by 390-inch boat, a rectangle that’s 216 inches by 240 inches or a round table with a 360-inch diameter

Wood Types

conference table wood types

Natural wood conference tables are an excellent choice for a solid piece of office furniture. Wood can provide that extra added rustic touch through something like a wood slab conference table or a timber boardroom table that provides plenty of room for everyone to gather around.

Each species of wood has its own unique characteristics. It can be difficult to understand which wood you should choose without research or prior knowledge. Some woods are prized for their hardness and weight, while some woods are sought after for their unique grain and color.

Additionally, you may choose from a variety of finishes to any of your woods to complete the look. With so many wood conference table options available, it’s critical to understand the qualities of each wood species:


Walnut is well known for its natural brown color. Some walnuts have pink, orange, tan or red color streaks that carry through the grain. Walnut wood has an open grain, which means you can see the wood pores and feel their texture, so something such as a walnut boardroom table would have a more earthy feel. While it is not the hardest of the five woods, it is still the most popular wood for conference table tops. Of these species of wood, walnut is the most expensive.



Maple typically has a uniform light color that is great for staining. At times some maple pieces may have extreme grain such as black lines (spalting) or very curly wavy figures and grain. Maple wood has a closed grain, which means you cannot see the wood pores or feel their texture, giving a very nontextured top for a smooth maple conference table. Of these species of wood, maple is a middle-priced option.



Ash is well known for being used to make baseball bats. Ash can be yellow depending on lighting, but with new stains and whitewash techniques, the color can be toned down to achieve your ideal ash conference table. Ash wood has an open grain, which means you can see the wood pores and feel their texture. This open grain helps to hide scratches from everyday use. Ash is one the hardest of the five woods but is still a great choice for conference table tops. Compared to some of the other types of wood, ash is one of the most affordable.


White Oak

White oak is a hard and heavy wood that is very popular. It can be yellow-brown in color depending on lighting, but with new stains and whitewash techniques the color can be toned down to achieve your desired white oak conference table. It can also be stained many different colors. White oak wood has an open grain, which means you can see the wood pores and feel their texture. This open grain helps to hide scratches from everyday use. White oak is one the hardest of the five woods. Of these species of wood, white oak is similar to walnut pricing.

white oak


Cherry, much like walnut, is well known for its natural color. Wood conference tables that use cherry are a little tricky to take care of. Because cherry is sensitive to light and darkens over time, care has to be taken to not leave items on the table that will leave shadows. Cherry wood has a closed-grain structure, which means you cannot see the wood pores or feel their texture. Cherry is considered a hard wood. Of these species of wood, cherry is a middle-priced option.

Red Oak

Red oak, like white oak, is hard, durable and one of the most abundant and widely used woods. This wood is similar to white oak in appearance but ranges from a lighter brown color to a pinkish-red hue, so a red oak conference table could provide additional warmth in a meeting room. Red oak also has a pronounced open grain that may appear more swirly compared to white oak’s straight grain. Compared to other species of wood, red oak is generally similar to white oak pricing.

Shape Types

When many people think of a traditional conference table, their minds may gravitate toward a rectangular boardroom table or a square conference table. While these tables still function exceedingly well in conference rooms today, there are other abundant options when it comes to choosing the shape of your new custom conference table.

Whether you want a more traditional shape with accentuated stylistic features, like a parsons conference table, or are looking for more distinctive lines like u-shaped conference room tables have, consider the following table shapes and trust professional furniture makers to develop a custom table that flows with your conference room’s existing style:

  • Boat: For a curvier twist on rectangular tables, consider a boat-shaped boardroom table for your conference room. These tables have curved sides so employees can see the whole way around the table. Because of this, boat-shaped tables are ideal for things like office presentations or video conferences.
  • Round: Custom round conference tables work well for conference rooms that encourage collaboration and can make employees feel more comfortable and at ease since everyone can see each other and talk to one another without feeling too far away. Plus, if more people decide to join the conference, you can typically pull up another chair to your large, round conference table without having to shift around much.
  • U Shape: U-shaped tables are another excellent option for employees to see everyone around the table while having a specific area for everyone to look to, ideal for things such as important discussions or negotiations, training and presentations. People can maintain eye contact even when seated at a large, u-shaped boardroom table, making custom u-shaped conference tables optimal for all group sizes.

Material Types

Custom conference tables may also feature additional materials to accompany the wood element. Depending on your style, you may gravitate toward something like an industrial-style conference table. These often result in a mix of traditional wood and steel conference tables or stainless steel conference tables. You can also choose from other metal materials and laminates available to incorporate into your custom conference table — the options are limitless.

Not only is our wood mainly locally harvested and milled, but we also source our steel locally in Pennsylvania and aim to shop locally when we purchase hardware. With so many options available, you may find it challenging to determine the ideal table for you. Browse our conference tables for inspiration and let us know how we can incorporate these different elements and materials into your custom conference table.

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